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October 5, 2009
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Chapter 81- Undead

Frenna’s POV

Iggy and I were on watch as the other slept. So much had happened between us in the past 24 hours, and It separated us completely. He kept a hand on mine at all times, but it was a hollow gesture, and I missed the warm love that used to seethe from his body.

“Iggy?” I asked, and He nodded in a response.

“What?” he asked, his voice slow, trying to choose his words carefully.

“When we were back at the school, what was the last thing you saw before they took your eyes?” The question blurted out, and I had always wanted to know it. Although while he was blind I had never wanted to ask him. Why open unhealed wounds?

“You.” he said, and I was taken by surprise.


“They took me down a long hallway, and we stopped at a one-way window. You couldn’t see us, but we could see you. They wanted to watch you, but I didn’t know what they were doing.” He sucked in air then, preparing himself for the next part.

“I watched then, as they injected the bright silver liquid into your arm. You bit your lip when they stung you with the needle, oh how you hated needles, but you never cried. At first, that is. But then you could almost see it happening, your arm pretty much deflating. The little monitor showed your pain level a 14 out of 10, an equivalent to giving birth in your arm. It was so awful, and the white coats never helped. You just curled up in a ball and screamed. But when you screamed, it wasn’t a regular one, it was a scream of torture and pain, as if you had killed a thousand men and were now reliving the horror. And those screams, and your twisted face, that was the last thing I saw. They knocked me out before I could run, and when I woke up….well I guess I never really did wake up. But that was the day I fell in love with you. I think we were only 8 years old.”

He finished his speech of sorts, and I hadn’t even realized that both him and me were crying. Iggy never cried. I wrapped my arms around him, his tears stopped almost instantly, but mine turned into full on sobs. He pulled me into his lap and ran small circles on my back, rocking me back and forth and humming in my ear. I loved it, I needed it. I had no idea what the heck was going on with me, whether or not I would ever be free of Jenny. What if I kept switching on and off like this for the rest of my life? I couldn’t do that to Iggy, or my children. I managed to grab a slight hold on reality then, pulling myself up into a sitting position and wrapping my arms around his neck. He continued to rub my back, making me swoon. I couldn't take it then, being so close to him. I slammed my lips against his, and for a second he hesitated. I tightened my hands around his neck,a nd his muscles tightened. And then he did the strangest thing, he pushed me away.

"...I'm so sorry Frenna. I just can't do this, not here, not now." He said. I understood. I curled my legs together, one hand wrapped around them and one hand resting on my newly found bump. It was cute, not really full on huge, but still noticeable. Iggy stared at me, and I bit my lip.

"Is it always going to be like this? Can you ever trust me again?" I asked him.

"None of this is your fault Frenna. I just...don't want to hurt myself. If i fall asleep I'll miss the precious seconds I have with you, and if i kiss you it will hurt so badly when your gone and Jenny's back."

"What can I do to fix it Iggy?" I asked, desperate. my voice broke, and he pulled me into his lap again.

"What would help me wonder is knowing that you and our children are safe. please be careful Frennie, it's critical now they their bigger." He said, his hand on top of mine rubbing small circles on my extended belly. I never thought I'd see the day I was trapped in an underground hell with the man I love and our unborn twins. Dreams really do come true.

Fang's POV

My arms tightened around Max as she pushed on me harder, intensoning our kiss. We couldn't sleep, so we occupied ourselves other ways. I had missed her much, and the feeling of her lips on mine was almost too much to bare. She pulled away as if reading my thoughts, and I rubbed her ticklish spot underneath her windbreaker. She squirmed and pulled on the back of my hair lightly.

"I love you Max." my voice was cut off when she slammed her lips against mine again. Our kiss became less hungry, and they became slower and more intense, like we were pleasing each other and not ourselves.

"Now how many times did you tell that to Jenny?" she said, teasing me. I felt guilty, but in truth, I was just glad I hadn't gotten an STD or anything. But I had to say, my sex drive wasn't as much as it used to be for Max, which in a way was good, since we were always watched.

"None, Jamie couldn't feel love." I said, and she smiled.

"Good. Fang, can I ask you something?" I hated it when people said things like that. your already asking me something when you phrase it like that.

"Didn't give me much of a choice princess." I said, smiling at her. I was just so glad to have her back in my arms for a moment at least.

"Did you ask me to marry you just because you had to?" she asked. If I was a chick, I would have gasped.  Not a silent one, but a full on 'What the fu-' gasp.

"Maximum Ride! you of all people should know I love you more than anything in the world." I said, and she smirked.

"We sound like a soap opera."

"As Long as i get to be the charming lead actor, lets get shooting."

"Your a piece of work Fang. But I love you. Don't ever let me forget it."

"I wasn't about to."

Frenna's POV

I must have fallen asleep, because I could have sworn I was back in that glorious clearing on the night Primrose and Cayden were conceived.

"Frennie, do you hear that? and what the crap were you dreaming about?" Iggy asked. Shiz, I must have been sleep talking again. I wasn't exactly proud of the events in my dream, for they had been even more R rated that the real thing.

"Uh, nothing. And hear what?" The words barely escaped my mouth before I could hear the low moaning. Fang and max popped into my mind suddenly, man i must have been horny. But I then realized it wasn't them, and the Little dictionary of everything Underlife popped into my head, all thanks to Jenny. The one good thing she was fricken useful for.

"Um, your gonna think I'm crazy, but they're Zombies." I said.

"What the hell have you been smoking?" he asked. I giggled slightly.

"Remember Ari, how they had brought him back to life? well, not all of their tries were successes on other people. So, they sent the zombies here, half living, half dead things that like you eat your face off." I said. Again, thank you Jenny.

"And can you kill them?" he asked. i bit my lip.

"Only fire can." I said. He picked me up then, for the zombies were maybe a 100 meters away. They were, in truth, slow and their body parts kept falling off. I would have peed myself from laughter if the thought of dying wasn't so creepy.

"So, we're gonna pull a Mikey Jackson here and do the thriller dance, maybe they will catch on." Iggy said. I couldn't help it then, I cracked up, and he set me down on the couch in the deserted house.

"So what's the real plan, oh great one?" I asked, and he smiled devilishly.

"Well, I always have liked fire. We're gonna need an alarm clock, some bleach, and..." he didn't get to finish.

"Pliers, tape for safety, and some liter fluid." i finished for me, she looked at me for the first time that night like I was Frenna, and not Jenny.

"God I love you." He said. he smacked my butt and i darted off, finding the things I need in the house. by the time I had comeback he was already working on something big.

Max's POV

I was laying on Fang's chest, listening to his heartbeat and his breathing as he slept. Up and down, rise and fall, up and down, rise and fall. It was soothing. I thought for a moment, and realized that just a year ago I couldn't even admit to myself that I liked Fang, let alone loved him. but now, I didn't think I could manage anything with out him. He was my prince charming. Ha ha, get it? Because he's really a prince, and oh, just never mind. But i loved him with everything I had, and that was a lot. I'd stay by his side if we were being eaten alive by alligators and I could have easily escaped. he stirred underneath me, mumbling my name. he was dreaming about me again I assumed, and I kissed his forehead, his nose, his ears and his eyelids. anywhere on his face I could get hold of really. He woke up only slightly, and he released a sigh.

"That tickles Max." he muttered, coming out in a barely understandable garble. I giggled. I got off him, and walked over to the window to look outside. We were on the second floor, and I looked down onto the pavement. I frowned, I could have sworn Iggy and Frenna were there just a minute ago. Fang walked up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I saw something move then, something looking rather dead and creepy. There was an awful stench to the air, stale and hard.
And that's when the building exploded.
haha, i like the Freggy and Fax in this one. I gotta admit, Fang and Max are handleing this a LOT better than Iggy and Frenna. Then again, unlike jenny, whom tried to rape Iggy, Jamie didn't try to rape Max. So yeah...
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Great, but please dont joke about Mikey Jackson please! i was a fan....
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I was too! that's why i put it in there. little shout out to him, and I wasn't downing him in any way
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XD oh my god i almost peed myself "damn u ankle"
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Me: that actually happened i fell down the stairs.....and said that so funny!!
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